A Closer Look at the Software that Made Twitter to What It is Right Now

Twitter is a web-based application software that is designed to function both as a social networking and as an IRC site. But what we do not really know and understand is the reality about what sort of tools or software packages were used to build such a strong and flawless design.

The Twitter and its applications were built around the basics of hypertext markup language or HTML. Generally of the bigger sections that are featured on the site like the aesthetic designs and all were built around the HTML. However, as more and more scripting languages are being introduced, Twitter needed to adapt with it.

With more features that are needed to be incorporated and designs that need to be included, Twitter needed a more powerful and strong scripting language. And as the Twitter site tries to make an evolutionary effort to provide its users a highly innovative IRC and social networking site, it bended into using some of the modern and up to date software packages such as PHP, Perl, Java, and Ajax.

These four scripting and web designing software have contributed to the effective re-designing that happened with Twitter. Apart from that, the new apps that were developed to make the Twitter applications more powerful and feature-based have been basically taken out from these scripting software packages.

Now, as Twitter tries to engage into yet another major “revamp” on its design and structure, it focuses to studying more software packages that would help the whole creation of the new face of Twitter a lot better.

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