Choose the Right Twitter Tool for Every Marketing Purpose

People go to Twitter to connect with family, friends and other people who interest them. But admittedly, there are many people who use Twitter more than just for the usual chitchat. Many use Twitter for marketing their products, their services and even their candidates.

But this is quite expected considering how powerful the Twitter service is. Numerous Twitter tools are available for marketing purposes. So, people can actually be effective marketers through Twitter. For instance, one can have his new blog entries be posted to his Twitter account using a Twitter tool, Twitter Feed. This way, existing customers can be updated about new products always.

Another useful Twitter tool, Twitter Scan, can be used to observe what Twitter users are saying about a certain products. One will automatically be updated as new tweets are made about the product. Products can be improved upon using the feedback gathered.

In addition to this, one can gain new customers by following people who have interests in using the same type of products. He can let them know about his existence and later on market his own products to them.

Feedback can also be directly gathered by posting a poll in one’s account using Tweet PollDaddy. If one is going to release or is developing a product, he can create a poll on which features to
include in a product.

TwitterReply, of course, notifies one when someone is trying to get in touch with him. This allows him to answer customers’ questions right away. With good customer service, customers are made happy. And there’s no better marketing strategy than good products and good customer service. If one has these two and he is a Twitter user, marketing will surely be easy.

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