Creating a Personal Twitter News Distribution Network

Twitter has been transformed overtime from being a simple social communication networking site to a massive site for aggregating news. Of course, Twitter is still being used as a personal social networking site. But some of the biggest and massively followed Twitterings belong to Twitter news networks.

In fact, important regional, national and international events have been fed to Twitter to provide up to the minute reports. Some of the high impact events such as forest wild fires, US presidential campaigns, and international finance developments are being headlined on Twitter news feeds.

You can take advantage of this Twitter transformation in two ways. As a Twitter news subscriber, you can easily get updates from major news networks. You can also grab the latest headlines of international wire services.

All these feeds you can grab at no cost because the Twitter service is free. You can also get Twitter news feeds faster than monitoring TV news networks.

The best thing about subscribing to Twitter news feeds is you can participate in discussing the unfolding events. By replying to the feeds and posting your comments, you can air your opinions and views on a particular issue.

If you provide news on the other hand, you can easily get a captured audience for your news feeds and distribution at Twitter. By creating a Twitter news distribution service, you will be able reach a global audience for your news wires.

That is why most major news services today are using Twitter to distribute their news feeds. So, there is no reason why you can’t use Twitter as your own news distribution network.

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