Creating a Twitter Weblog Design the Newbie Way

The Twitter is not only a social networking website. More to this, it is also a web logging site that is basically capable of allowing people to write down and safely keep their opinions, insights and thoughts using the online platform.

One of the featured capabilities of a web logging site is the ability of the web logger to put some designs based on his personal preference. A lot of web logging sites are putting emphasis on the designs of the web log site because this is one of the most sought after features in a web logging site.

As a micro-web logging website, Twitter is widely being used by people to place relevant happenings that they have experienced either recent or old. Although these shout outs are considerably shorter compared to common we log entries, they allow people to specifically post what is happening in their life. If there are incidents in their lives that they also want posted and placed online then they can always use the web log entry.

Now, to complement, these people are looking for a design that best describes the feeling of their stories. Designs are not only limited to colors and graphics but also designs should encompass skins and other multimedia effects such as audio and visual effects.

Although web log designs are by nature preferential there are also pre-made designs that users can choose from. Some built-in designs were made to be modifiable by the users, there are some which remain to be templates – cannot be changed and modified.

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