Digg Twitter Update Creation

There is more from Twitter. The Digg Twitter has been launched to provide free service that allows each member of the community to exchange and disseminate information by asking a simple question. The answers will be given through members’ interaction. Once a member joins the Digg, he or she will receive Digg Twitter updates.

Another new service related to Digg Twitter is the Twiggit that somehow follows the concept behind exchanging information based on member’s recent activities. Such activities include article submissions and voting. In other words, Twiggit is simply a combination of terms and functions of Twitter and Digg resulting to either Twiggit or TwitterFeed. The recent Digg Twitter activity updates will be posted right directly on your Twitter status.

To make updating possible, you have to follow the steps that enable Twiggit activation. The steps are as follows:

1. Choose a username and then inform Twiggit about how regular you will check and update your Digg activities. Checking schedule can be in minute intervals.

2. Provide your preference which includes displaying your Digg votes and submission of your articles. You can choose either of the two or you can include both in your choice.

3. Create your username and provide the password you will use.

4. Supply your e-mail address for further verification. However, you can either use your e-mail or username in logging in to your Twiggit account.

5. Begin digging the Digg updates and activities to know if your Twitter friends are connected in your profile in Digg.

Though you can create your Twiggit and your Digg Twitter, you can also turn it off once you don’t need it anymore. This choose whether you want to provide more activity updates that your friends would want to know.

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