Explore Your Twitter Block and Connect with More People

Twitter is both a social network and a short version of blogging. Posts are short and easy to make. One surely would not have to pause in order to compose what to say. He or she simply has to state what’s she’s doing or simply answer the questions asked. It’s just as simple as that.

Since it’s a social network as well, one builds his own community or Twitter block as well. This means one follows other people’s updates. And other people follow his tweets as well. One can connect with other people that interest him.

One cool feature that Twitter has is the Twitters Blocks. It helps one find friends and it helps him find other people with the same interests. One can do this in other social networks too. But one does it manually. With Twitter Blocks, one can visually see the people he has been corresponding with. Furthermore, one also sees the people that these people have been tweeting with.

Isn’t it cool? One can actually find other friends this way. Or, a person can also find people who have the same interests as him. This is because in this feature one has the ability to see the tweets they have been making. He can choose to connect with them and so he gains more connections. His Twitter block begins to grow even wider.

By rolling over the block all of these are accomplished. The Twitter experience is enhanced by this feature. Tweeting is encouraged more and it becomes more enjoyable for most users.

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