Get Twitter Replies in Many Ways

The draw that Twitter has on its users is the ease of using it. Posts are short so there’s no need to think what to write. When one poses a question, others only have to answer. One can also post updates as things are happening. In short, people are updated as things happen. Unlike a blog, one gets to the point immediately. So it’s easy on its readers or followers. Twitter replies can be made in seconds too.

The good thing about Twitter is being updated almost all the time. Since people are posting in real time, it’s possible to get replies all the time. What about when the person is in mobile? That is not a problem since Twitter can be used in mobile phones as well. As Twitter replies are posted, one can be notified through their phones as well. They can also post their own Twitter replies to the other person.

Of course, while tweeting at home or perhaps at the office one gets his Twitter replies normally through the site. Alternatively, he can install an application so he can get them through his browser.

Here’s one tip for those who want to get all his Twitter replies though. Don’t forget to change the settings of the notices. It must set so that all replies are shown. If this step is not done, one would only get replies from the people he is following. So there is no reason why one would miss any of his Twitter replies. No matter where he is or what he’s doing there is always a way for the notification to reach him. He can therefore take advantage of Twitter all the time.

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