Getting Twitter Updates from Twitter Blog and other Twitters

To get the latest Twitter updates, you have to subscribe to the Twitter blog. Regular updates on Twitter services are being published on its blog.

To get to the Twitter blog, simply follow the blog link which can be found on the bottom of your Twitter home page. Just click the RSS subscription tool on the Twitter blog. Twitters updates, news, blog posts, headlines and developments will then be streamed directly to your desktop.

You can get lots of advantages if you subscribe to Twitter updates. First, you will be able to know the latest applications you can use for Twitter. Third party or Twitter developed applications are being featured on its blog services.

Bug fixes and software updates are also being announced on the Twitter blog. So if you are experiencing some issues on a specific Twitter service, you can find a solution for the bug on the Twitter blog.

Some Twitter users are also issuing updates related to Twitter services. These third party Twitter updates are mostly announcements of new applications which you can download on their sites.

So if you want to grab and use a new Twitter application or client, you better browse the Twitterings of software developers and technology bloggers. Subscribing to these updates is probably the fastest way of getting the latest tools for Twitter.

Getting Twitter updates is simpler and easier nowadays. Just subscribe to blogs and Twitterings of other users. Subscribing to Twitter updates is also better than searching for it on
search engines.

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