How to Attract Twitter Users to Your Business Blog

The number of Twitter users is growing every day. Since the service was launched several years ago, its membership has grown tremendously. The increasing membership of Twitter shows that micro-blogging and communication networking is getting popular on the Internet.

The number of active Twitter users is expected to grow further in the coming years. If you have a business blog, this is positive news for you.

You can use the popularity of Twitter to promote your site and boost your traffic. The sheer number of active Twitter users would be enough to propel your blogging business.
To attract Twitter users to your blog, you have to exert extra effort and spend time on building your Twitter following. Here are some important tips on how to attract Twitter users to follow your business blog.

First, your blog should have excellent and useful content. This is the key if you want Twitter users to flock to your site. Good content and quality posts are critical if you want to get a share of the Twitter market.

Second, you need to keep on posting important feeds and updates on your Twitter page. This means you have to update your Twitterings whenever you post new content on your blog. Don’t forget to link your Twitter update to your blog post. It is best to link the Twitter update directly to the post and not on your home page. You can use a tiny URL tool to shorten the address of your blog post.

Once you keep on doing this, you will notice that more and more Twitter users will follow your updates. These followers are your leads so keep Twittering to sustain their interest.

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  1. Very true… It is always good to send your followers to a blog instead of to a sales page. This way, it helps to build the relationship with your followers and connect with them.

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