How to Create a Tightly Integrated Twitter Jaiku Interlink

Twitter and Jaiku are both micro-blogging services. These two social networking communities are very similar. In terms of user base however, Twitter has a significant edge over the Jaiku network.

If you can’t decide which micro-blogging network to use, then it is best to create an account with both of them. Besides, it is free to create accounts on Twitter and Jaiku.

Creating an account with Twitter and Jaiku has several advantages. First, you can create a wider online network. With two micro-blogging communities at your disposal, you can effectively establish solid linkages with other bloggers and Internet users.

Second, your main website or blog can benefit from the numerous incoming links coming from Twitter and Jaiku. Your site can be indexed faster and you might get higher page ranking because of link popularity.

Third, you can link your Twitter account to your Jaiku account. So, your Jaiku network can also see your activities at the Twitter network.

Here are the steps how you can feed your Twitter content on your Jaiku page.

First, you have to click the RSS tool on your Twitter page. You have to select and copy your Twitter RSS URL. After copying your RSS Twitter URL, you need to go now to your Jaiku network.

The next step involves pasting the Twitter RSS URL on the Jaiku feeds. You have to log-in to your Jaiku account to access the feeds management utility. Once you’re logged-in, open the feeds management function in Jaiku and simply insert the Twitter RSS URL.

Your updates on Twitter will now be accessible to your Jaiku network. Thus you created a tightly linked network and your main blog will benefit from this interlink.

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