How to Use Google Talk to Publish on Twitter?

You can use Google Talk to post an update to your Twitter page. This will simplify your Twittering. Most importantly there are no special applications to install on your computer.

Google Talk is the chat facility of Google. It is a free service and is directly embedded on your Gmail account. The Twitter Google integration therefore would be very useful if you’re a regular user of Talk and Twitter.

To start using the integrated Twitter Goggle facility, you need to have a Google account. A Google account is an OpenID just like its counterpart on the Yahoo network. Once you have a single Google account, you will be able to access and use all Google applications and services.

After signing up for an account, access your Gmail or go directly to the Google Talk apps. Once inside Gmail, you have to activate the standard interface of the service so that the Talk utility can be displayed in the side bar of Gmail.

The next step would be to add to your contact list. This address will be automatically added to the Google Talk list. You can now start using Google Talk to publish your Twittering on the Twitter network.

Just type a message in the text box of Google Talk and send it to the address of Twitter. Your update will be instantly posted on the Twitter network. There will be no need therefore to go to the Twitter website to publish updates.

The Twitter Google integration is just one of the many integrated
services provided by Twitter. These capabilities contributed greatly to the popularity of Twitter.

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