How Twitter and Email Work Hand in Hand

Working Twitter in with your email is a great idea to keep a bigger network active and generate income for your business. This is especially true if your business is of the marketing kind. If so, then Twitter is a great marketing strategy that you should incorporate along with your email techniques and strategies.

To start off, you need to create a Twitter account. You should create a Twitter ID based on your given name or you can use a creative name such as the one for your business. After going through the process of filling up the registration form, carefully select a specific option: Email when someone starts following me”.

Additionally, you should also choose a second option which is “Email when I receive a new direct message”. The second thing you need to do is to tempt others with freebies – an electronic freebie is sure to be a unique gift your Twitter followers would want. If you have decided on this yet, you can insert the sales copy and the form that your followers will need to sign up in order to get the free giveaway you are offering.

For purposes of tracking, you can also put up a unique page which lets you in on how many subscribers you actually generated from such an invitation. And finally, you need to create your own Twitter bio. You are given one hundred and sixty characters which you can use to describe your business – if you make a well written one, and then you can attract more email alert requests.

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