iPod – Transfer Music Automatically

You can set your iPod so that music is transferred automatically. The following steps will guide you to transfer your tunes:

  • In the iTunes Source List select the iPod button.
  • Click on the options button.
  • Choose automatically update all songs and playlists.

At this time, iTunes will update the music that is in your iPod music library so that it matches the songs, selctions, and playlists on your computer. These new songs will then be transferred to your iPod. If there are nay songs on your iPod that aren’t in your iTunes library they will be deleted from the iPod and replaced with only those songs in the library list. This is one of the greatest features of the iPod. You can continually change the music that you carry with you by updating your iPod with the music that you choose.
You can create playlists of the exact music that you want to listen to so that as your musical tastes change, so does your iPod music and artist selection.
You also have the ability to manually transfer songs to your iPod. This gives you the capability of transferring individual songs as well as playlists. This feature is ideal if you are going to be using your iPod with more than one computer. Think of the unlimited possibilities. You can use your iPod
between your home computer and your computer at work with blinking an eye. Transferring music from your computer to your iPod can be a simple process or a complex on depending on (1) how often you want to update your iPod, (2) how complicated and multifunctional you want to make your playlists, and (3) whether or not you are transferring complete albums to
your computer or choosing your music song by song.

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