Making The Most of iTunes

iTunes is a unique software application that Apple uses exclusively for the iPod. You will use iTunes to organize and manage the music that you have on your computer before you transfer it to your iPod. iTunes will open up automatically when you connect your iPod to the computer. Some of the unique things that you can do with iTunes


  • Buy and download music and audiobooks from the
  • iTunes Music Store.
  • Listen to both digital music and your own CDs.
  • Transfer music from your CDs to the library. This way you don’t have to put the CD into the CD drive to listen to it.
  • Create your own music CDs. You will need to have a CD burner in your computer to do this.
  • Create your own playlists of songs that you want to listen to in one session. You can then publish your playlist, which is called an “iMix”, to the iTunes Music Store for others to see and use as inspiration.
  • Create your own “Party Shuffle” playlists. This option allows you to make a playlist that is then put on shuffle so that songs are played in random order.
  • Listen to songs on the Internet. Choose a radio station that plays songs that you enjoy listening to and that are a genre that is your favorite.

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