Steps to Activate the Twitter AIR Client on a Desktop?

The Twitter AIR client is an Adobe application designed for posting and managing a Twitter account. You can use the Twitter AIR client to dock Twitter on your desktop. Every time you want to make an update to your Twitter page, just click on the client and publish your post from your desktop.

Using Twitter AIR client simplifies your posting and updating activities on Twitter. You can also configure the Twitter AIR client to run as a background application in your computer.

Whenever you start your computer, the Twitter AIR client will be activated and automatically log-in to your Twitter account. You can determine if the AIR client is active if it shows on your system tray.

When the Twitter AIR client is activated, you will be able to get the updates from other Twitters. You can also get instant notification of any reply to your post.

Before you can install a Twitter AIR client on your desktop, you need to install the Adobe AIR application on your system. This is a free application which you can download from Adobe Systems.

In fact, if you will get the latest Adobe PDF Reader application, the AIR component will be automatically installed on your computer. If you still don’t have the AIR apps, simply download the software.

Once the Adobe AIR service is running on your system, you can now download the Twitter AIR client application. The Adobe AIR client for Twitter is also a free application. Just download the software and install it on your system.

Once these processes are completed, you can now use the AIR client to create numerous Twitterings on Twitter.

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