TechCrunch Talks about Twitter Decentralization

Twitter is presently experiencing lots of system changes because many bloggers have been sending in their complaints. However, TechCrunch is offering to decentralize the present version of Twitter and turn it into something that is more usable, more convenient, and much better microblogging software.

The decentralization that TechCrunch is digging is still however guided with the previous rules and guidelines of Twitter. You cannot easily put aside what has been there before. But, you can definitely change some things that will make it more operational and functional.

Decentralization in Twitter is needed because too many activities and updates are going on. However, with the new recommended system, users can still post micro blogs but being a third party only. Users are still required to create platforms that still conform to the microblogging standards that have been set before. However, the possibility of engaging into an open source project like is very likely to happen. It is in
fact a possibility.

Also, to make the updating more efficient, wrapping of RSS in XMP is completely necessary. Why do you have to use the XMPP format? XMPP eliminates constant polling and promotes messages pushing to every subscriber. XMMP also has a mechanism that is capable of tracking the subscribers and followers performances. This will make listing of those who followed your micro blog very systematic.

Twitter in the decentralization system also makes use of Alert Thingy so a member can sign up in Twitter. The Alert Thingy is needed in saving your subscription lists which seem to be related to RSS subscriptions. Finally, as TechCrunch talks about Twitter decentralization handling replies can still be done. This decentralized network will be done once the Twitter Inc. sees the point of everything about decentralization.

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