The Friendfeed Twitter Rivalry

Twitter and FriendFeed are constantly being compared. Many are even asking as to which one is better. That’s because the two are quite similar in many ways. And perhaps the type of people who would appreciate both networks’ services is the same.

Just like Twitter, FriendFeed also allows posting of updates. People are interacting. And they are discussing just about anything under the sun. One can also expand his community by interacting with the friends of friends. In fact, it’s a way to find common friends and interact with them too.

What makes FriendFeed sort of different from Twitter is the way it aggregates one’s other web activities. Photos from photo hosting and sharing sites are, for example, fed into FriendFeed. News articles that friends follow are also shared. Of course, movies are easily shared too. With the links all there in the site, sharing is facilitated and even enhanced. People get to discuss things more meaningfully too.

Twitter, on its part, draws its strength on simplicity. That is not to say that it is not full of powerful tools. It just delivers its features in a different way. What Twitter is focusing more is the ability to make exchanges faster. And what it is about is being updated about moment per moment happenings.

So while both sites are similar each has its own specialty. One would have to choose which one he prefers. Better yet, people can even use both. Using a third party application, people can even get the posts from both sites real time and interact with more people in more ways.

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