The Growing Number of Twitter Subscriptions

It was in the year of March 2006 when the whole idea of Twitter as a social networking site has started. And the moment that it was used in the company where it functioned as an IRC site, it initially drew attention from the employees of the company. Soon after, it was officially launched to Internet users in October of the same year.

The initial day when it was launched, the makers of Twitter knew that it is going to draw a lot of attraction from potential users. Primarily because during those times, there was no single provider that used IRC, web logging and social networking in a single platform. Because of this change, on its barely six months of being released, the Twitter site drew about half a million unique visitors. This number of unique visitors in just about six months is truly unbelievable and unprecedented.

A year after that, the Twitter site has continued to soar high. It has officially earned its legal name as Twitter under the supervision of the first CEO Jack Dorsey. The Twitter under the supervision of Dorsey has earned another milestone in terms of numbers. Just barely a year after, it has recorded an all time high of more than 50% increase in the number of unique visitors having earned more than one million of visitors in the year 2007.

Due to the unbelievable success that Twitter has earned, it has spanned all the way to Japan by launching the Twitter Japanese based site. Although the contents are written in English, this has not stopped the users from using it. This resulted into another milestone in the Twitter history.

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