The HTML Structure of Twitter

Almost every website that we have on the Internet is dependent on HTML (hypertext markup language) codes. The structure of the Twitter site, although made via PHP and Perl, is generally HTML based.

Back when the Twitter was first used, the makers of it basically used it for internal communication only as being utilized by the company employees. However, as Twitter becomes a lot bigger in terms of features and applications, it needed more than just HTML codes. The apps that are used to make every functionality work needed a stronger and powerful method. This is the reason why other application languages were used apart from the HTML. Twitter is full of APIs and these APIs require a special set of tools like PHP, Perl, and Java.

These languages like Java and Perl still use the basics of HTML programming. In fact, most of the codes that these languages use were lifted from the structure of HTML codes. Almost all things that we see on Twitter – the interface, the features, and the interactive screens – all these were built using the HTML structure. Needless to say, even when Twitter makers have decided to make a total “renovation” on the interface and design of the site, they are not able to get rid of the HTML shadow on every section of the site.

HTML, although being regarded as an old fashioned way of designing a website, the structure of it remains intact and strong. This is the reason why a lot of developing site programmers could not take away the use of it even when there are more powerful and feature-oriented scripting languages around.

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