The Many Reasons Why People Avail the Twitter Service

There are several reasons why people decide to use Twitter. But whatever their reason is they always have fun when on Twitter. It’s also easy to use. So, even if they are tweeting serious stuff they are not burdened of having to compose a longer post. One other thing is that communication is instant in Twitter. People love the interaction that goes on there.

For some reading their contacts’ tweets get them closer to the person already. Unlike emails, one would have to wait for the person to contact him. Blogs are a bit longer so it’s easier to just read the concise form of the updates.

For marketers, the Twitter service allows them to spot the trends in the market. For instance, they will be able to find the needs of the people today. Since people post their rants and their raves, one can easily pick a thing or two and develop something that will answer their needs and wants.

The Twitter service brings news to people. When floods and hurricanes happen for example, others tweet about it. In turn, everyone gets alerted about it right away. Twitter is a good way to distribute content too. People use TwitterFeed to get blog entries to Twitter. This way, followers can easily get notified about the new entry. The blog will get as much audience as a result.

Twitter is even useful to marketers another way. Since people gets tweets right away they are able to answer queries about their products. They are able to provide good and fast customer service.

All in all, the Twitter service is useful in many ways. People have just got to try it to appreciate the service.

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