The Problems and Issues of the Twitter on the Net

Twitter may have successfully launched its product in the year 2006 and may have gained outstanding number of followers during its launch, however, issues have also been experienced and problems have also been raised.

Just barely a year after it has had its successful launch, the enormous reactions of people which brought success to it has also been the same that caused problems to it. Twitter, because of the large number of people accessing and using its live feed has experienced clogging in sending tweets. This is, of course, attributed to the great number of people who simultaneously accessed and used the feature.

The large number of people trying to use the site congested the tweet sending protocol of Twitter that resulted to intermittent failed sending of tweets. This is one thing that has been overlooked by the Twitter makers.

Initially, people are enjoying the presence of this live feeding of tweets on the net. However, as people have experienced being bombarded with tweets even when they are asleep or at work, they began to feel being overwhelmed by these live feeding of tweets on their mobile and pc. More to that, because Twitter has tied up with a mobile service because of the SMS feature, people have been complaining about being overly charged by the SMS provider because of the “unsolicited” tweets that they are receiving.

The Twitter just like any other social networking and IRC providers has also been a victim of hacking and spoofing. The SMS feature of Twitter has been the subject of spoofing and scamming.

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