The Twitter Site Giving Live Feedback

The Twitter as a micro-blogging and an IRC application is well known in providing people a means to get connected with each other via the live feed of information from one point to another. A lot of times, the live feed that Twitter is capable of providing has tremendously helped and saved a lot of people’s lives.

One classic example at how Twitter’s live feed has saved a life can be best exemplified during the arrest that happened to two of the American Journalism students who took shots on the street protests that happened in Minneapolis. While on arrest, one of the students used his mobile and posted a tweet to some of his close friends who are receiving updates regularly to him. And with the ability of Twitter to simulcast all tweets in an instant, the two arrested students have been immediately given legal assistance by their ambassador.

The capability of Twitter to provide live feeds to all its users is one of the essential features that it possesses. This feature has made it uniquely admirable to a lot of user both the young ones and even the high executives in a company.

Many big companies like CNN and BBC are using the Twitter in their daily communications between and among employees of the company. Some schools are using Twitter because of the interactive and live feed that it is capable of performing while relaying information to its students. There are times that Twitter feeds are being reflected via a large screen and students can just react on whatever tweets that they see and read.

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