Three Simple Ways to Make a Twitter Post

You can only make a 140-character Twitter post to send updates to your followers. That is why Twitter has been called a micro-blogging platform. So you need to be very concise with your Twitter post to convey your message to followers.

You can make a Twitter post in several ways. The simplest but a little roundabout way is to use the web interface of Twitter. Just go to the Twitter website and log-in to your account.

You will be taken to your home page where you can post your latest Twits. Just type your content on the text field and click the update button. Your Twitter post will instantly be displayed as a new thread in your profile.

Another way to post an update to Twitter is through mobile phone services. You need to activate your mobile device if you want to use this service. In your home page, you will see a tab for Devices. Click this tab and register your mobile phone

Twitter will require you to authenticate your number. The service will ask you to send the randomly generated code to the Twitter mobile number. Just send an SMS to this number containing the codes provided to you. Once you authenticate your mobile number, you can now post Twitter updates via the SMS service of your carrier.

You can also use a third party application to post an update to Twitter. You can download a free Twitter desktop client and install it on your computer. Once activated, you can simply use this application to post updates, follow other Twitters and reply to current conversations.

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