Top Steps How to Monetize Your Twitter Account

Using Twitter for business is a practical and cost-effective way to advertise and promote your brand. The importance of branding on Twitter is more pronounced if your business resides on the Internet.

By using Twitter for business, you are creating another channel where you can get numerous sales leads. So, here are the top steps you can follow to monetize your Twitter account.

First, start Twittering. Of course you cannot expect anything from Twitter users if you will not participate in the community. Twitter is a social networking site and you are expected to socialize and share your Twits with other users.

Second, always update your Twitterings and link it directly to your website. However, it is equally important to interact and follow other Twitters. You will not increase your Twitter followers if you’re not following other users.

Be careful though to get too involved in following other Twitters. It might distract you from your primary purpose on Twitter.

Third, just follow Twitter updates that are related to your business. In this way you can create a highly targeted niche market on Twitter. It is not advisable to follow any Twitterings on the site. There are millions of users on Twitter, so it is best to carefully select your network circle.

Lastly, establish your authority on your niche market. Post quality content on your site and invite fellow Twitters on your site. Make sure that every update you make on your Twitter page will be useful for your target market.

You have to sustain your Twitterings in order to increase your followers. It is not impossible to get hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter for your business site.

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