Top Things You Need To Do When Starting on Twitter

Twitter has taken the social networking world by storm. With over 3 million registered active users on its network, it might overtake some of the pioneers of online social networking.

You can also benefit from Twitter as a new tool for your online ventures. Actually, Twitter is more than a social networking site. It is also a micro blogging platform, a subscription tool, a social messaging service, and lots more.

You can practically use Twitter in any way you like to connect with people you know and to build a wide online network. Here are the top things you should do with Twitter especially if you’re just starting to use the service.

First, you have to determine your purpose why you will use Twitter. Having a clear objective will make your Twitting more meaningful.

For example, you might want to use it to find old friends and follow what they’re doing now. You can also use Twitter as a way to communicate or share your thoughts and ideas. Most importantly, you can use Twitter to promote your blog or to make a unique brand for your website.

Second, you have to start Twitting right away. If you want to achieve your goals at Twitter, then it is best not to leave your Update Box empty for extended periods. You will notice that the more you Twit, more people will follow your updates.

Lastly, you also have to search for other Twitters who share your interest and follow them. In this way you can breakin your own Twitter page to the system. Following others is also a good way to widen your network.

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