Twitter Direct Message Has Its Uses

People are buzzing about Twitter. Well, Twitter has just got people excited. Who wouldn’t be when they are connecting with other people every minute? Some are even posting tweets or updates almost every second. Since posts are limited to 140 characters only, posts are made short and fast. People also get to
reply quickly.

Unlike blogs and emails, replies can be done instantly. And what’s even good about it is the Twitter direct message feature. Twitter users are able to send private messages to their family and friends. If they are sharing private jokes, the Twitter direct message will come in handy. If the message is personal, this feature certainly seems appropriate.

Twitters must be careful in using third party applications though. Some of the applications have presented problems in the past. Some Twitter users, for example, suddenly had their direct messages visible to everyone when they tried a new application.

The Twitter direct message has also been abused by many users. They have used it to spam their followers and people they follow. Many Twitter users complain of receiving tons of promotions through the Twitter direct message. This should not be the case. But this cannot be avoided. Many people are in Twitter to market. And they are doing it the wrong way.

Still, the Tweeter direct message is a useful tool when one needs to use it. It gives Twitter users privacy when needed. They are given an option whether to share everything or keep certain things between friends or family.

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