Twitter Links Gets People to Discover New Things

Twitter is basically about being updated and updating other people. Family and friends are always on Twitter to stay in touch. They love knowing what’s up with the people they care about.

More than that, many people like meeting new people. They like sharing interests and opinions. Without really making any replies, people get the happenings about other people. They also learn what’s happening on the other side of the planet.

This is made possible by Twitter links. Since many people post links to their websites and blogs people learn new things too. People give links to sites that interest them as well. For example, when one is following sports news he posts links to them. Others pick these links and get to read the news as well.

If one is following one person, that person is likely to post more Twitter links about sites that interest him. His followers may see one site that interests them too. This way they get to discover a site they otherwise wouldn’t have. This is one use for the Twitter links. People actually learn from the interactions and the tweets.

For people who are interested on the Twitter links, there is a way to filter all the tweets that contain links. One can easily find the links and discover new sites to frequent. Alternatively, he can scan new links everyday and learn new things as well. This feature gives a lot of people one more reason to love Twitter. If they explore this application, they will find out just how much useful Twitter can be for them.

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