Twitter Marketing: Effective with Real Conversations

People might argue that one cannot market anything in Twitter. But the opposite is actually true. People get acquainted and people begin to trust each other. So once others recommend new products or talk about other people like candidates, their opinions are listened to and considered.

The secret to Twitter marketing is transparency. People are opening up to other people about daily lives. They get to share experiences so products can actually be promoted in their conversations. When others see that this person is very open about little things they see a real person. They don’t see just another marketer. The opinion of the person gains value. So he now becomes a good spokesperson for a product, a person or any

On the part of the marketer, the key is to be real in the conversations. By engaging other people about his life, others become more interested in what he has to say. They will not even feel he is promoting something as conversations go along.

In order to be credible, one’s tweets or posts must compose mostly of real conversations rather than promotions. Because when people are engaged in true conversations they listen and they pay attention to what one is saying. He does not have to blatantly spell it out. Others will pick up from his comments and his opinions. Promotion and marketing will happen naturally. To establish credibility, one should also have more followers. Meaning there should be more following his updates than him following others. This will make him more effective as well.

This means that people are already paying attention. He’s no longer just reaching out to them. More people will even listen to him more as a result.

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