Twitter Private Messaging: What Does It Mean?

Twitter as a social networking site serves friends, families, colleagues, and an entire community to provide the most recent updates in the soonest time about every member. Another interesting detail about Twitter is its capacity to send direct message or send private Twitter messages that can gather replies from your followers.

Sending a direct message using the internet is through a link intended for the message. This link is seen on the page of your profile. The reply icon on the page is also very convenient because you can instantly send direct messages. Another means to send a direct image is through the option drop down box on your page. Though, the drop down is not alphabetically arranged. Lastly, a direct message command can be operated using d+username+message.

Sending private Twitter messages is not the end of Twittering. As you received a private message you can also reply on it. The update will be instantly disseminated by clicking the arrow or swoosh located in the end of your update. And to make Twitter private messaging completely functional, you have to turn your email notifications and direct messaging texts on. Through this, any update will be received through phones or through email.

The private or direct messages delivered through devices are also possible provided that you use the message command for the username which is d+username-message. The direct message can be delivered through cell phones, a number of third party applications, reply link found in the Direct Message Inbox of your account, and to the Direct Message page.

At this point, you have to remember that any error that will occur wouldn’t be posted if there is no designated username in the part of the user.

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