Using the Twitter List to Build a Community

Twitter is fun to use. But it’s only fun when one is following many people and there are many following him as well. After all, interaction can only take place between at least two people. There’s no use posting updates if no one is getting them anyway.

That is why it’s important to build a network in Twitter. It is even more important for marketers in Twitter to build a good and solid network. They have to have many people to market their products to if they want to be effective. If they engage many people in Twitter, there’s a greater chance of being a successful marketer there.

One cool and easy way to do this is by building a Twitter list. One can start compiling a list where in others can add links of their profiles to it. Such a list should be based on a common interest or something common between the members of the community being built. It would be like creating a group in Twitter.

As more and more people add their names to the Twitter list, the community gets bigger. The interaction gets more exciting and meaningful as well. New users would also be able to find a community to join easily. The exchange in the community will even get better.

So even if one is just there for the mere purpose of interaction, he can make it more fun by building a Twitter list. Marketers would have more motivation to do this. By grouping many people who have an interest on the market he is catering to, he is sure he is engaging the right people.

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