Using Twitter Windows Apps to Quickly Post Updates on Twitter

You can use a Twitter Windows client application to simplify your Twittering. Most Windows desktop clients for Twitter are free applications so you can try several of them.

Using a Twitter Windows client is convenient. You can open the application on your desktop and start publishing your Twitters. Replies to your Twits will also be visible on the application interface so it would be easier to follow conversations.

Once you received a reply or an update, a notification will pop-up on your system tray. Just click this pop-up and the window of the Twitter application will be opened for you. You can now post your reply or start a new conversation.

If you are using Windows Live Writer as your primary content management application, a Twitter plug-in can be used to publish an update Twit.

What you have to do is download the plug-in file for Twitter apps. This plug-in can be found on the Live Writer homepage or on any website publishing latest add-on applications for Windows.

Once you downloaded the plug-in file, copy it and locate the root directory of Windows Live Writer in your computer. You can find the directory of Live Writer in Programs file folder. Go to the plug-in directory and paste the downloaded plug-in file in that folder.

You have to open the Live Writer and find the Twitter plug-in in the Tools menu. Select the Twitter app and you will be prompted to enter your log-in information on the Twitter network. You can now post a Twitter update using Windows Live Writer.

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