Video Messaging: Twitter’s Ambition in the Future

Twitter makers are very driven to land the top spot among all the social networking sites and IRC platforms. This is the reason why the Twitter makers are very positive in driving new and innovative features onto their application. One of the limitations that Twitter is having difficulty to battle with is the ability to support video streaming and video messaging. Its competitors like Yahoo and AOL have been bragging for the longest time about this feature on their instant messaging applications.

Although the capability of Twitter to send out tweets via SMS has been outstandingly successful, people are still looking for a feature that will allow them to be virtually visible on the other end. When Yahoo first announced its video IM feature many people thought that this was the best so far in terms of IM developments. Indeed, these people were right in that claim. A lot of social networking and IRC makers have seen the great potential of this development in the market that prompted everyone else to come up with their own video messaging mechanism.

Twitter is also ambitioning about this same development that Yahoo and AOL have pioneered. The makers of Twitter are thinking about revolutionizing the use of video messaging. Plans about how the Twitter video IM is going to evolve has been kept a business secret however, the makers of Twitter are very positive that once it has gone full blast in their video IM, people will be ecstatically amused about what it can greatly offer.

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