What People in Twitter Twitter About

Some people say that Twitter is a waste of time. But it really depends on what is important to the person. When people go to Twitter, they mostly want to be updated. Is it a waste of time? Everyone will have his or her own answer to that.

Among family and friends, it may be quite important to hear what each is doing. So when one tweets he or she is having coffee or doing laundry, her family who’s in another city or just on the other side of town is interested. It’s just as important as when a son or daughter announces she is getting married.

Some people don’t have time to read about such routine things. But they could be interested about news. Well, some people tweet about news and current events too. He can certainly follow these people and have meaningful interactions with them.

There are many marketers in Twitter. Many want to stay away from them. But sometimes new products actually help.When one needs a certain type of product, knowing what is available in the market assists him in choosing the best product.

Even in ordinary conversations, one can also get the opinions of others when he needs it. He can ask people about a certain product he is planning to buy.

Since the people in Twitter are so varied, things being talked about are varied as well. Twitter actually delivers many things in the form of posts and even conversations. It’s casual. It’s chatty. And yet it can be informative as well.

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