Why Twitter Updates Get People Hooked

Twitter is fun and it’s easy to use. People love it because they get to share every little happening with family and friends. They can update other people. And they are updated about others’ lives as well. If they follow the updates of friends, it’s as if they were together every minute.

Twitter messages are short and they’re concise. That’s what makes it cute and quite addicting actually. People immediately get what others are sharing. So they are hooked with Twitter. Such tools like emails and blogs require more time. So at times Twitter is better than emails. It’s better than blogs too.

When sharing mundane things is important, Twitter is the answer. Posting updates is faster. And following others is just as quick. People stay connected. And they even get closer. That’s because updates end up to be more detailed.

Updates can come every minute or every second. So, one can share almost his every breath. When important and urgent things happen, Twitter is just as useful. News is able to travel fast. Every movement can be reported as well.

The idea of Twitter could seem crazy at first. But it grows on everyone. Once a person starts using it, it gets interesting. The
reason why Twitter is much appreciated is the small things it brings. Every post attracts people to follow updates some more. And soon they are hooked. People can easily finish a post too. So, they end up making many short updates. A single question can elicit many answers. And so it starts.

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