Adsense for Feeds in Emails Discontinued ?

Adsense for Feeds was part of the Google Adsense program, which enabled web publishers to make money online through RSS & Email subscribers.But according to the Google UK support forum, many publishers have complained of not able to see any ads in the Emails sent to the subscribers.Infact, we were informed about this issue only today & I personally saw that many of my friends Adsense accounts also has this issue.

What is the Issue

People who have subscribed for Email/RSS updates on a particular site will have ads embedded in the Email/RSS, according to the Adsense for Feeds.The publishers of the website will be credited some amount based on the number of clicks on the adverts.

Now, these ads are not visible in any emails – latest as well as in older emails sent from the website. But, the ads are still served in feeds read through Feed Readers.

Some also say that this issue has been prevailing for the past 2 days.The strange fact is not many publishers have known this & even the google support forums does not have any posts related to this issue (there were 2 threads when this post was written).

Many publishers also feel that Google may be thinking of discontinuing the Adsense for Feeds in Emails ,which is pre-mature to conclude at this stage.Added to this,  Google has not provided any information on this issue till now on their official blogs. May be they are unaware of this!

So, we will have to wait until some light is thrown on this matter.

Update as on January 29th 2010 – Adsense for Feeds in Emails has started working, But Google has not said given any info on the downtime.

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