Make Money Online with New Adsense Interface(Beta)

It was a pleasant surprise for me to receive an email invite from Google to try their New Adsense Interface. According to the Adsense official blog, “At the Content Revenue Strategies conference in New York City, we announced that a small group of publishers will begin testing a new AdSense interface in limited beta.” 

Going by that, I feel proud that I was among that small group of publishers! I did try the improved interface & here is my take on the various features that have gone for an overhaul. For all those who dont know anything about Google Adsense – It is one of the most popular platforms owned by Google , used to make money online by many(probably millions) of site-owners around the world.

The Screenshots of Beta Adsense Interface are given below.The screens are those of Dashboard, Performance Reports, Ad Blocking, Payments & Ad Management sections.

Dashboard : The overview page of the adsense account has been greatly modified to display information on Today`s estimated earnings, Total earnings since last payment, Earnings graph etc., A notable feature in this new beta interface is the help section, which has been integrated into the account.So incase you need any info – help is always by the side.

My Ads : This section is nothing new but its the Manage Ads in old interface.Again, it looks good as all ad unites are categorized under various ad types & is also easy to read. The new colour scheme for Active, Inactive ads makes it interesting to check the current status of ads & the type of ad used on the site.

Allow & Block Ads : This is the Ad Review Center ,where publishers can allow or block the ad categories & Individual ads.There is not any improvement in this section except for the cosmetic changes of the layout.

Performance Reports : This section scores high in the new Adsense Interface.With the new reporting engine, you can compare each ad unit`s performance through the day, week, month or specific dates.Now, this would be useful for the beginners ,who are new to making money online with Google Adsense & have the habit of checking their reports many times in a day.It can help you decide which ad unit performs better .

Final Sense : Overall, the new Google Adsense Interface(Beta) looks promising & the change has come after a really very long gap. (there was no big change i could remember ,during the last 8-9 yrs  as an Adsense publisher).It also looks similar to Google Analytics site, with the Ajax loading, Graphs, Pie-charts & so on. Here are some final words which could have been considered,

* URL detection could have been added, So that publishers will know which sites have their adsense code displayed on them.This will prevent unauthorized sites using your codes & get your banned.I think many publishers will agree on this feature.

* Ad Blocking feature can also be improved to realtime blocking. As of now,the changes after blocking or allowing an ad takes place only after 3-4 hrs.Reducing this time can have a positive impact on the earnings.

* Some features to check invalid clicks would have been very welcome.

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