How to get refunds for wrongly registered domain names?

A domain names is the most important of any website as visitors need to access your page using that address only.Many website have grown popular over the years, mainly because of their catchy and rhyming domain names.

How to cancel and get refunds for new domain registrations

After buying a domain name, did you feel any of the following?

1. Bought a domain name with spelling mistake

2. Registered a name that has copyrighted/ trademarked words in it

3. Found a better sounding name

4. Lost interest or passion to develop a website on that domain

5.  Chose a wrong extension (.net, org, .info etc) while a .com was available

Such situations are common to anyone, where we come to know the name as inappropriate or become aware of a spelling mistake or copyright infringement etc.,There are times we may even lose interest on that specific name, right after registering it.

Worry not, as you can cancel the name and get a refund of the payment made!

All you have to do is, contact the domain registrar (the company where you purchased the name) within 5 days of registration and request for the cancellation of the name.

Refund policies of some of the top domain registrars are given below, where it is clearly specified that ‘new domain registrations are eligible for refunds within 4-5 days of registration’

Godaddy: They have a 5 day window for refunds for new registrations.Click here for their refund policies 

Google domains: Domains can be refunded within 5 days, says Google on this page. Further details on how to contact their support team is explained on this page.

Namecheap: It is mentioned that new registrations may be refundable within 3 days.View the policy here Offers 5 days refund period.Click here for their FAQ page For .com registrations, 4 days money back grace period is available. See here for extension wise refund questions

Dont find your domain registrar company here? Nevermind as the rule is same for all.

Hence, if you had bought the domain name from any other registrar, you may contact the support team directly and request for the name cancellation and refund within 3 – 5 days of registration (based on their policy)

Note: While the cancellation and refunds are normally effected for common domain extensions (.com,.net,.org etc), there could be some restrictions for other extensions, which depends on the domain issuing registrars.

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