Is the future for 3D life?

The 3D technology is reliant on the idea that if separate images are presented to the left and right eyes, the human brain would combine them into one & create an illusion of a 3rd dimension. Companies like Panasonic and Sony demonstrated their products at a tech expo in Atlanta, using active glasses and TVs with high refresh rates to achieve this effect.

Two images are made to appear, one for the right eye and one for the left eye, so that they alternate quickly on the TV. The TV is connected to the glasses through a sensor that’s placed between the lenses on the glasses. Also, there are different kinds of 3D glasses, just as there are many different kinds of 3D systems available. Everyone is probably familiar with the Polarized glasses which gives the 3D illusion by limiting the amount of light which can reach each eye.

Next we have the more advanced Shutter Glasses which uses radio frequency or a infrared transmitter to show different perspectives for each eye – it uses timing signals in perfect sync to darken one eye, then the other eye. This technique is called Alternate-Frame Sequencing and can be found in many current 3D gaming devices.

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