Copy Songs from your iPod to your Computer

It’s easy to copy songs from your iPod to your computer. You will find that the iTunes library that is on your computer contains all of the sondgs that you have encoded either from your own collection of CDs or from the iTunes
Music Store. When the default settings are activated, iTunes will automatically copy the songs that are in your library onto your iPod. If you are going to be using your iPod as a hard disk you won’t be able to see the songs that are being copied through my computer. Don’t worry since
this is completely normal. You won’t be able to copy these same music files from your iPod to another computer or back to iTunes. This is because the synchronization of your computer and your iPod works in only one direction: from iTunes to your iPod.
Beware if you’ve erased your library of music from your computer. There isn’t a way that you use my computer to copy these song file from your iPod back to your computer so that you can reload your library of songs. The only thing that you can do is encode the music files from your collection of CDs one more time and then sync this new library to your iPod. If you have bought music from the iTunes Music Store and forgot to back them up there is no way for them to be downloaded again. This means that you will have to buy new songs! This is why you will definitely want to back up all of your song files in iTunes from the start.

If you are going to connect your iPod to another computer make sure that you don’t end up connecting to the iTunes library on that computer, if there is one. Choose the manually manage songs and playlists option so that you don’t put someone else’s playlist on your iPod and wipe out your own selection.

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