Import Audio CD Audio Books To iTunes

Many people think that the iPod is only for music. If you do, you are missing out on a big feature since the iPod is ideal for listening to audio books. The iPod can provide you with a great audio book experience. However, if you listen to a lot of audio books it can get expensive downloading them from the iTunes Music Store. This is the time for you to find a source of free audio books.

One good source for free audio books is the public library where you can often find them on CD. Audio book CDs can’t be played directly on your iPod. This is where iTunes is so invaluable. iTunes is known for making it possible for you to import CDs, keep them organized, and synced with your iPod. However, there is one problem even with iTunes: iTunes has been optimized for music CDs. It is often hit and miss when it comes to producing audio book
files that are easy to use on an iPod. This is because the size and quality of an audio book CD file from the library isn’t always as good as the audio book files you get when you purchase your book from the iTunes Music Store. There are a few things that you can do to improve your luck when it comes to downloading audio book CDs from the library, or other free sources, to your iPod.

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