iPod – Laser Beam and Flashlight

You probably already take your iPod with you wherever you go. This means that you always have it on hand when you want to listen to your music or record a voice memo. But your iPod has another function: You can use it as a laser beam or a flashlight.

Griffin iBeams is complete and ready for your dock connected iPod mini or iPod. You can use the flashlight device for finding things in the dark or for when you just want a bit of added light. The laser is a class IIIA laser pointer. This is ideal for when you are doing presentations. Both the flashlight and laser come complete with a protective snap-on cap that you can attach to your keychain so that it is always handy and accessible.

The Griffin iBeam laser is a red laser beam, which can be seem from over two kilometers away. This doesn’t mean that you should spend valuable time playing, but it does mean that your iPod has one more bit of functionality that makes it a great investment. The Griffin iBeam has been designed for the following iPods:

  • the iPod mini
  • the iPod Photo
  • 4th generation iPod that has a click wheel
  • 3rd generation iPod that has buttons and a touch wheel

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