iPod – Optimize your Import Settings

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your import settings are at their optimum best for the spoken word and audio books. The following steps will ensure that your import settings are the best that they can be:

  • Open up iTunes and click on the preferences dialog.
  • Click on the advanced icon. Then click on the importing tab.
  • Choose the on CD insert to show songs. You don’t want to choose the auto-import because when you are in the process of importing an audio book there are some steps that need to be completed before the
    import begins. If the import begins automatically make sure to stop it.
  • In the import using pop up choose the AAC encoder. You’ll get higher quality when you choose this format as well as get better support for your audio bookmarks.
  • When the setting pop up comes up, choose custom.
  • Choose a stereo bit rate of 64 kbps when the AAC encoder setting dialog appears. You’ll also want to choose (1) sample rate of auto, (2) channels of auto, and (3) make sure that optimize for voice is checked. Click okay.
  • Uncheck play songs while you are importing the audio book. You’ll also want to uncheck the use error correction when reading audio CDs option. Both of these options will slow down the import process so you’ll want to have them both unchecked to speed things up.
  • Click okay.

Once you have optimized your import settings on your iPod you will find that importing audio book CDs is that much easier. This will certainly encourage you to use your iPod for than just music.

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