iPod – The Boom Box

Boom Box™ is a software application for your iPod that will give you incredible performance powers. Boom Box™ is a combination of five Mac software applications that have been combined into one. Some of the functionality of this
software includes:

  • Preserve all of your old tapes and LPs.
  • Grab hold of Internet streams such as podcasts to listen to whenever and wherever you want.
  • Create playlists that are absolutely perfect.
  • Create audio files from the text of ebooks, news feeds, and web pages.
  • Send these audio files to iTunes for transfer to your iPod.

How many times have you looked at your old cassette tapes and LPs and wish that you still had the capability to listen to them? The Boom Box™ lets you import music from a cassette deck or a turn table to your iTunes library.
You can then transfer this music onto your iPod. The software will automatically detect the tracks and then reduce the background noise as much as possible. Filters, included in the software, will enhance the sound so that the music files are of the highest quality.

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular as people choose to listen to media that they are most interested in. With so many thousands of topics on the Internet to choose from, it’s just a matter of narrowing down your interests, downloading the podcast, and sending it to iTunes. You can then transfer the podcast to your iPod for listening whenever you want.

The Boom Box™ will also allow you to change any web page, email, or other written document into an audio file for listening rather than reading. This will allow you to listen to your favorite blogs, email from family and friends,
or web content from your iPod. This handy function is perfect for those people who are too busy to sit and read or for those who have difficulty reading online.
Another great function of the Boom Box™ is the ability to create great playlists. You can analyze each of the tracks in your iTunes library before adding it to a playlist. This lets you create lists that have similar acoustic sounds and personalities.
The Boom Box™ may cost a bit more than other software applications. And you might be thinking that if you have already invested in buying an iPod, why spend more money? The answer is this: your iPod is a great music
player that has been built with a sturdy and solid hard drive. This means that you are going to have your iPod for many years to come. You will want to make the most of the functionality of your iPod so that you can enjoy it in as many ways as you can.

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