iPod – Transfer Digital Photos from Camera to Computer

The iPod is a great way to import the photos that are on your digital camera, or digital photo card, to your computer no matter what type of an iPod you have. These steps are simple no matter whether you have a Windows PC or a
Mac. If you are using Windows, simply follow the instructions that are included with your digital camera or the photo application that you are using. If you have a Macintosh, use the following steps:

  • Connect your digital camera, or the digital photo card, to the computer. iPhoto should open up automatically. If iPhoto doesn’t open up automatically, open it up manually.
  • Choose the import button. At this time the digital images on your camera will be imported into iPhoto.
  • You have the ability to import other types of digital images into iPhoto. This includes any images that you have downloaded from the Internet.

If you don’t have the iPhoto program you can still import digital photos to your computer using “Image Capture”. Start by connecting your camera, or the digital camera card, to the computer. Next, open up the “Image Capture”
program. You can download all of the available digital photos or you can choose specific images to transfer.

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