Mobile Pownce to Pounce Twitter Turf

The release of Pownce, a new mobile version, is claimed to smack down Twitter. Pownce is said to pounce twitter because of the features it presents, which are claimed to be more illustrious as compared to Twitter. Pownce is also said to offer more control over Twitter. The basic concept is if Twitter likes mobile; Pownce has more competitive personal network definition. If Twitter has a huge user base; Pownce has file sharing, themes, and allows sending above 140characters. Or if Twitter has a Biz Stone; Pownce has Daniel, Kevin and Leah. Until now, the debate as to which between the two is better is still ongoing.

Unfortunately, some commented that Pownce is not very much competitive when it comes to SMS gateway; although file sharing is possible here. When it comes to its attributes, Pownce is said to be fast enough and appears with solid exterior feature. In fact, this is claimed to be a downright killer in bringing services that are far beyond sending SMS. This greatly presents reply tracking, calendar events, files, ratings, and links. Indeed, the lack in competency when it comes to SMS gateway is the sole downfall of this mobile phone.

However, Stan Schroeder commented that Pownce phone is simply amazing once it is already used. Therefore, one cannot judge this unless it is already tested. He claimed that unlike Twitter, Pownce is not limited. He also said that he was able to personally use twitter already and its instant-blogging feature is really good. However, using his own perception, Pownce is simpler and better as compared to twitter to be used by people like IM-junkie.

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