The Best Way to Avoid Twitter Notifications Inundation

One of the common problems that are being encountered by Twitter users is the inundation of text messages. This usually happens when the Twitter friends of someone have already reached 200 and above. If someone has a friend that reaches to this number, it is definitely not impossible for him to receive Twitter notifications by SMS that can amount to 1500 in just a week. Meaning, there are numbers of individuals to update with. Unfortunately, once this incident occurs, text message notifications can be expected to get out of control.

Normally though, the common solution that is formed by the users who are encountering such instance is to turn off their phone buzzing for SMS. This is because they would not be able to turn off the phone buzzing for Twitter alone. Hence, they will be compelled to turn off the entire phone alerts. The usual drawback of this though is the delay of getting important messages from anyone since there is no more buzzing to alert the owner of the mobile for the newly received messages. Therefore, the turning off of buzzing is not an effective solution.

Of course, turning off the Twitter is not a good solution as well, especially for those who want to remain updated with her friends on Twitter. So then, what will be the solution now?

The most ideal thing to do in this situation is to go to Google reader. Here, one will be able to read the feed of her Twitter friends through an RSS reader. So, one can make it a habit to go to Google reader everyday and Bloglines once a month to avoid the inundation of Twitter notifications.

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