Top Twitter Users are Top-Rated

In every website, like in every other communication system ever put into place, there will always be top users. At Twitter, there are many and some Twitter members have even made it as a point to gather all their names into one list. There was even a time when there was tightening competition among them.

Of course, the merits of using Twitter far outweigh the benefits of a regular phone. Although on a regular phone, a person may speak in terms of greater personality, which is something lacking on blogs. This disadvantage is more often than not mitigated by the fact that blogs can reach farther and as many people as possible.

On this day and age, people love to share everything. From facts to mere rumors, it is sure to spread, and Twitter, with its micro-sized blogs and comments are conveniently available for use. This is the reason why there are so many top Twitter users, and this is not the only top category present Online.

There are more, and they could range for being top-rated blogs, or to most visited blogs, and even most commented posts. In fact, there are now increasing numbers of websites that offer these data to the curious, and some of these websites are not even officially affiliation with Twitter.

On the whole, Twitter is really causing waves of change on communications. Clearly, there are a lot of reasons to love twitter,
something that is replicated by the company behind it to its members.

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