Twitter Alternative: Search for Strengths and Weaknesses

The word ‘alternative’ is already an indication of something else entirely, and while it doesn’t necessarily equate to change, it does motions for something new. This doesn’t mean that a shift from Twitter to another competitor is in the air. Of course, no one can stop a person for trying other things out for themselves, and the main thing is that there’s always something better.

In this case, to know which is better than the rest, then the best possible recourse left is to try other things. Some may say that it is a complete waste of time and that there’s no ultimate blogging site to defeat all. For them, all blogging sites have different capabilities and strengths, as well as weaknesses.

In Twitter, the obvious weakness is that the members are forced to undergo micro-blogging, which may not be enough for some people. Certainly, there are circumstances that merit more explanations than micro-blogging does and when these are present Twitter will not be much of help.

Now the best thing to do, as other say, is for people to start searching for the best blog sites to suit their tastes. Obviously, a person who loves to write long-winding essays would not appreciate being forced to write micro-blogging style that twitter provides.

So it’s a matter of perspective on the part of the user, and on the whole, he is really the one that pays for it, even if it looks free. Without him, there will be no advertisements, so choose wisely.

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