Twitter Definition: Comprehending Its Essence

Twitter definition is actually a lot of things to a lot of people. But the constant twitter definition that comes into the mind of many is its unbelievable powerful community and marketing building tool, which has a capacity to develop one’s brand, develop relationships with one’s audience, and supply a promotional means that have the capability to spread.

Twitter directly pertains to keeping in touch and updating with friends regardless of the location of the user or his circumstance according to the Twitter FAQ. On the other hand, Wikipedia mentioned that twitter is a micro-blogging and social networking that is offered for free and permits its users to send recent information through SMS, email, instant messaging to the website of Twitter or to any available Twitter applications this time.

Essentially, Twitter simply asks its users the question: “What are you doing?” Then, the answer of the users will serve as their updates to their followers. However, this update is only limited to 140 characters only. Apparently, the concept is incredibly simple and this is viewed to be the most possible reason why it is being patronized by many. The limitation of 140 characters does not actually limit the chance of Twitter to be recognized; instead it has been known to people with its label “micro blogging.” The reason behind is the convenience it brings. Like for instance, one of the known key advantages of Twitter is its
capability to send as well as receive updates, which is also called as tweets. Therefore, the user of Twitter can keep in touch to others wherever he is.

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