Twitter Fan: Testament of Success

What’s the best thing about Twitter? Twitter is more likened to a Friendster shootout, but with all the necessary whistles and designs. It is more personalized and it provides blogging pages for people who write so much micro-blogging that their posts will have more followers than the rest.

Of course, Twitter also provides much needed and welcomed applications that are improved as the number of members grows. Because of these applications, Twitter fans are rampant today on the Internet, offering their websites’ services for different applications. Twitter is a place, where foreigners would more likely meet and talk about all sorts of things through their microbloggings.

In this nature, it must be expected that Twitter has a highly personalized set-up with its members’ blog pages. Because of this, more and more people are offering insights on how their twitter could be best improved and used.

Twitter fans are much like the support group of twitter now, and though they are not affiliated with it, they most likely to be twitter members. If one could just see the number of Twitter fans available for access online then he would see the extent of how Twitter had changed the face of micro-blogging. Though this feeling is not universal, it is still something worth noting about especially for something as good as Twitter.

In fact, blogs are known to people, who don’t do blogs, as long-winding write-ups about a certain topic, but twitter moved against this. Hence, the presence of Twitter fans is a sure testament
of Twitter’s success.

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